Android Health Care Application – Fall 2011
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Android Health Care Application – Fall 2011
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Naresh Moorthy Technical Architect/Designer, Veritas (Symantec)
“Sayali is a very quick leaner. She was fairly new to our team and most of the technologies very new to her. The product domain was also complex and new to her. However this did not deter her from putting all her efforts in understanding the product and technologies involved.

I clearly remember the javascript work she did for one of the features. It was very complex and had to be tested on multiple browser platforms. Sayali did a great job of doing the work with very little issues. Her grasp of Java and the existing OO code base was commendable.

She also proved to be a great team member, gelling well with each individual.

I, for one, surely recommend Sayali as an excellent technical person and a great human being. Wish her all the best for the future!!!”


Amit Kulkarni Engineer at NetApp
“I worked with Sayali during my academics for more than a year and I can say that she is one of the best person to work with. We worked together on a project titled “Generic AST Classes Framework” where Sayali played key role in different phases of this project, especially during integration of two modules of our project which, I feel, was the hardest part. Starting form the day one, where we needed to find a good problem definition for our project, she showed pro-activeness. She talked with many of our seniors about different project ideas we had, which helped us a lot in finding out positives and negatives about those ideas. Towards the end of the coding phase of our project, she showed a lot enthusiasm to ensure that the code complete by all means. Her programming skills helped us a lot while working on this project. I feel that whichever project Sayali will work on, her sincerity and tendency to do her best will add a significant value to that project.”

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Other Interests

  • Cooking

Besides programming Food is something which always excites me. I am a foodie with passion to cook.

I enjoy trying food from different cuisines. Besides Indian I like Thai and Chinese the most. In past year I have learned a lot about Indian cooking.

Rather than having a little personal diary of the recipes I thought to have a Food blog where I can share the recipes and connect with other food bloggers.


You can find my food blog at:












I am born and brought up in India. After my marriage I moved to US and to this little beautiful city of Redmond. After coming here I visited many attractions. I went to Florida (Orlando), Nevada (Las Vegas), and Oregon (Portland, Florence) states. Each time I visit any place it makes me more greedy about traveling other places and exploring their beauty. My wish list has many countries and I will always try to visit them.














  • Poetry (not exactly)

Sometime back I discovered that I can really scribble and play with rhymes. I really enjoyed writing poems. I am not a poet  for sure but its something I enjoy.

Find some of those here:




  • Reading

Recommended books:


The Power by Rhonda Byrne



              (This page is still under construction)



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M.S. Software Engineering, Kansas State University GPA 4.0 Dec 2011


  • Advanced WWW Technologies
  •  Software Engineering
  •  Database Management
    I wanted to learn advanced concepts in the databases and this was the course which helped me to learn a lot of them. This was the most busy of all the courses because of the continual course work it had. The course covered basic data model structures like ER-diagrams, then relational query language, Normalization. We learned Datalog and SQL. Some of the concepts which were newer to me were query execution, query compilation and optimization, indexing, logging etc. There was SQL project for online bookstore management. This was again a team project. We used Microsoft’s SQL server for this. This project was developed in phases with ER-diagrams in the initial phase and the translating the design in to actual SQL queries. We wrote different triggers and check constraints and various complex queries.

Find the project documentation: here

Software Specification
Studied various software specification languages. For example Alloy (for high level specification of the system), OCL-USE (for object level constraints) , SPARK (for code level specifications).

Real Time Systems
Learned various concepts of Real time systems, such as tasks, jobs, deadlines etc. Also various scheduling algorithms for the real time systems. Different tools which I got to learn in this course are Uppaal which is used to do the real time analysis, tools that calculate the worst case response times given a different jobs and the priorities. In this course there was a team project. me and my partner developed an NXT Robot with the help of MindStorms kit. This was a fun and learning experience. The Robot was a simple line following robot, which identifies a line and follows it. Find Presentation: here .

Information Retrieval
This course consisted of discussion of various IR topics. Information retrieval is very vast and interesting domain. In the information world the need of information retrieval technologies, algorithms is increasing daily. The course had various discussion sessions which covered topics like classification, recommendation systems, machine-learning, topic modeling, text mining etc. I got the opportunity to present a paper: “Recommending Social Events from Mobile Phone Location Data” by Daniele Querciaxy, Neal Lathiaz Francesco Calabresey, Giusy Di Lorenzoy, Jon Crowcroft.

Find the paper: here.
My presentation: here

B.E. Computer Science, Pune Institute Of Computer Technology Distinction , GPA – 3.8 (2003-2007)

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Cake- Delights:


An online cake store developed in Silverlight ,WCF and SQL


The main intention of doing this project was to learn Silverlight 4. Silverlight is a browser plugin and is a platform to develop rich user interface. .Net Framework supports Silverlight programming. For designing the pages I used Expression Blend which is a tool to design xaml pages. I enjoyed developing animations in it. Other features such as InkPresenter help to get the rough idea of the cake from the customer. Lot of features could be added to this sketch tool. I have used Windows communication foundation for the webservices.


This was a single member project done by me :). I had complete freedom of choosing the technology. I chose Silverlight and WCF as I was excited to learn them and explore all the cool features provided in Silverlight. Right from learning new tools like Expression Blend, setting up communication between different tiers , coding and testing; doing it all was challenging and was a good learning project. At the end the the site worked preety good and it made me happy :). Lot of things can still be improved  and a full fledged end-to end website can be developed. I am going to work on this whenever I get time. Below is the video which shows the work done in the first version.



Future Work:


1. Adding the e-commerce aspect where a customer can add the product to a shopping cart, make payment and check out.

2. Cake rating system

3. User Account management

4. Admin Console


Detailed Project Report: click here


Tools and Technologies: VS 2010, Expression Blend 4, Silverlight 4, WCF, SQL Server 08, Deep Zoom Composer


Here is the project demo’s video ….




Download the source code:


I have uploaded just the xaml files for all the pages.


Silverlight – CakeDelights

Services – CakeDelightsServices

Sql Scripts – SQL





Cloud based Notes application for Windows Phone:                                                                         



  • A simple notes application for windows phone 7 using Silverlight and Windows Azure.


  • Designed developed the application which has functionalities like add note , view all, view a particular note etc


  • Integrated the Cloud based WCF service with the Silverlight Client.


  • Created a database for storing notes and information of user in cloud.


Tools and Technologies: Silverlight for windows phone, Windows Azure, SQL Azure, WCF.


Here is the project demo’s video ….






Mathematical-answer generating system:


The goal of this project was to write a simple mathematical number generation service which can communicate with the ASP.Net client using ActiveMQ. The service is capable of taking set of integer numbers as an input and returns a word form answer based on the selected mathematical operations. This answer will get displayed on the client side. For converting a number to the text form I am storing the word-number pairs in the SQL database which is queried at the runtime by the service. On the client side UI, I have integrated AM chart graph controls which display dynamic updating graphs based on the answer received from the service.

This project helped me learn more about ActiveMQ (JMS) Message broker for Client server communication , AMCharts UI Library and Web Service using C#.


Here is the project demo’s video ….











Native File normalizer:


Designed and developed a generic framework to convert native files stored in the SQL database into Search Engine consumable XML format


  • ·   Converted over 1 million native file items stored in the database into XML files


  • ·   Worked with various file formats such as Office file formats and Scanned image files



Tools and Technologies: C#, SQL Server 2005


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You can download the resume here  doc


      Technical Resume


      Software Engineer

      3 Years’ Experience

Strong computer fundamentals



B.E., Computer Science, Pune Institute of Computer Technology, India GPA – 4.0                             2003-2007

M.S Computer Science, Kansas State University  GPA – 4.0                                                               Dec 2011



Technical skills:


Languages                   Visual C#, ASP.Net (1.1/2.0/3.0/3.5), C, Java (1.3/1.4/5.0/6.0), C++, VC++, Assembly   Language x86, Visual Basic, LISP

Databases                    SQL Server (08, 05), Oracle 9i/10g

Web related                 Silverlight 4, WCF, CSS, XML, HTML, JavaScript, ActiveMQ, Spring (MVC),

                                   Struts1.x, JSP,  Flash, Flex, Tomcat, Amcharts UI Library

Operating Systems        Windows 9x/ 2k/ Xp/ Vista/ 7, Linux

Version Control            CVS, AccuRev, Perforce

Tools                           Deep Zoom Composer, SoapUI, Rational Rose, Toad, Win Merge, Apache Ant, Firebug

IDE                             Visual Studio (‘10/’08), Expression Blend 4, Eclipse 3.3,




Work Experience:


Graduate Research Assistant, Kansas State University

– Complete migration of a Kansas State Fair website from native asp code to Asp.Net 2008.
– Developed and tested around 30 different aspx pages.
– Computed around 50 sql queries to get the data in front-end
– Used Asp.Net Controls such as Repeater, Multi-View, Update Panel, DataGrid and Ajax controls

Tools and Technologies: Visual Studio ’08, Asp.Net ’08, C#, Oracle 10g, jQuery

Software Development Engineer, Symantec Corporation, India                                                        2007–2009


Veritas Cluster Server One (VCSOne) is web-based data center management product which ensures high availability in huge and complex data centers.


  • Designed and constructed UI pages for new features and developed business logic for VCSOne
  • Integrated Partial Page Refresh using Ajax in 15 pages covering around 50+ use cases
  • Elicited product requirements and drafted design specifications in time
  • Enhanced total customer experience and usability by changing main layout and placement of components
  • Owned the ‘IceFaces’ exploration work and successfully carried out the POC. Received award for this work
  • Reduced the page loading time by 13% by researching and incorporating new technologies like CSS Sprites
  • Added UI web automation tests using QTP
  • Increased the job efficiency and completed tasks by collaborating with cross teams
  • Participated in technical presentations and trainings
  • Mentored 2 interns by making them familiar with the product and code base


Tools and Technologies: Java, JSP, Struts 1.x, JavaScript, CVS, Spring-MVC, Ajax, Flash, Flex, CSS, Eclipse 3.3


Software Engineering Intern, Persistent Systems, India                                                                    2006-2007


Generic AST classes Framework


A generic AST class library, which can represent an operational semantics of any program written in any imperative statically, typed programming language.

  • Achieved a generalized solution for simplifying programming language processing activities language translation, compilation, etc.
  • Wrote a code of about 925+ lines for parsing the input language in Java with the help of Antlr
  • Designed a Class Library in Java with 103+ classes covering all the programming constructs
  • Received First prize in ‘Impetus’ in “Open Software User Applications” category

Tools and Technologies: Eclipse 3.2, Java 5.0, Antlr 3.1




Android HealthCare Application User Interface                                                                                    In progress


  • Designed and developed UI for the android application related to health


  • Implemented the application logic using different with android components like Activity, Services, Intents, Broadcast receivers etc


Tools and Technologies:Android Sdk, Eclipse (Indigo), android emulator



Cake-Delights: An online cake store developed in Silverlight                                                                      2010




  • Designed the layout and effects in Expression Blend


  • Used various functionalities offered in Silverlight like animations, events, different user controls


  • Best zooming using Deep Zoom Composer, Interactive canvas which lets customer submit custom cake designs


  • Implemented WCF Cake Service which gets the cake catalogue and stores customer orders


Tools and Technologies:VS 2010, Expression Blend 4, Silverlight 4, WCF, SQL Server 2008




Cloud based Notes application for Windows Phone:                                                                                  Aug 2011


  • · A simple notes application for windows phone 7 using Silverlight and Windows Azure.


  • · Designed developed the application which has functionalities like add note , view all, view a particular note etc


  • · Integrated the Cloud based WCF service with the Silverlight Client.


  • · Created a database for storing notes and information of user in cloud.


Tools and Technologies: Silverlight for windows phone, Windows Azure, SQL Azure, WCF.


Line following robot using Lego Mind storms:                                                                                            May 2011


• Modeled a Lego robot capable of detecting a line using light sensor and then following it.


• Implemented line follower program into NXC for designed Lego Robot


Tools and Technologies: NXC, Brick Command Center, Lego MindStorm Kit



Mathematical-answer generating system:                                                                                                     Nov 2010

Created a service which accepts up to ten integers, then returns a list of the text version of the product of the numbers.

  • Implemented a web service performing mathematical operations in C#.
  • Used Amcharts UI library to display the graph of the products
  • Used ActiveMQ (JMS) Message broker for Client server communication

Tools and Technologies: VS ‘08, ActiveMQ, C#, SQL Server 08, Spring.Net




This is a placement management system which keeps employment information of all final year students. Students could access the system & upload their resume, track interview results, view schedules of companies coming.

  • Lead the design phase and came up with 23 different User Scenarios
  • End-to-end implementation of login facility, user authentication, managing privileges, error handling
  • Wrote about 450+ line of code in Visual Basic and MS Access
  • Cut the development time by working parallely on Help file generation and its integration with VB

Tools and Technologies: Visual Basic, MS Access


Publications and Achievements:


  • Published and presented a seminar on Bit-torrent in a college technical journal
  • First prize – “Open Software User Applications”                                                        Impetus, PICT, Pune, India
  • Ranked first in Engineering Graphics,                                                                        University of Pune, India
  • Hospitality committee Head- national level project competition                                    INC, PICT, Pune, India
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Work Experience

Graduate Research Assistant , Kansas State University, Kansas                                                                                                                                                                               Spring 2011


This was my part time job when I was an on-campus student at KSU for Spring semester. I got the opportunity to work on a website of Kansas State Fair. This is an annual fair for kids of a particular age group. The kids can exibit their projects and win prizes. The competition takes place county wide and then state wide. There are various categories of projects. The website has mainly 3 parts: the entry part, the admin part and the public site. In the entry part the county agents enter the participant information , they can update, view reports , make placings. In the admin part the administratos can add, update, delete various entities such as , districts, counties, classses, users etc.


My work was to convert the very old plain Asp website into 2008. The main goal was to get rid of thousands of asp pages. I enjoyed this process of conversion as I could very quickly grasp the environment. The database was in place and I had to understand the queries and if necessary edit them or add new queries. I learned the use of various controls like repeaters, data grids, Update panels, Multiview etc. I merged various related pages using Multivies. Also used the .ascx controls. This was a great learning experience. I got familiarm with various controls and how they work , and when should we use them.


There was on other interesting module in this proeject. The clients used special entry cards which they gave to all the participants. These cards where printed using a printer. Rather than printing the html page I generated the pdf files for the entry cards and then these could be printed. The cards also contained barcodes. I used iText pdf generation library for this.


The sample pdf can be found here



Software Development Engineer, Symantec Corporation, India                                                                                                                                                                                      2007–2009




After engineering I was college hired by Symantec Corporation. Being my first company the learning curve was huge at Symantec. Symantec has various work divisions. I was part of data center management division. The Veritas Server One product team was big and spread across India and Mountain View, CA. Our team looked after the frontend of this product.





VCSOneis a data center management product which ensures high availability in huge and complex data centers. The end user of this product is the administrator of the farm. The interaction with the farm was provided through both CLI and GUI. The GUI was web based, so that the administrators can manage the farm over the network. The administrator can divide the server farm into logical groups/organizations. He can run/install soft wares and applications in the machines. He can create new service group (logical name for an application running on machine) from GUI. The machine in the farm may have different OSs. The user can also schedule jobs and workflows and execute them on specific times.




The GUI therefore contained various pages such as ‘Manage’, ‘Administration’, ‘Search’, ‘Logs’ and then other level of sub-tabs. As the product was old and mature we were enhancing various features and adding new layouts to support the new features of the product. One of the tasks of enhancement was to develop ‘partial page refresh’ for the GUI. This means any changes in the farm should be reflected back in the UI without doing ‘Refresh’. Along with the technical lead I carried out the partial page refresh for 12 pages. This task included lot of thinking we had to cover all the use cases which may change something on the UI.




The GUI was Java based developed in Struts. The pages were developed in JSP. We used Tomcat Web Server. Besides developing the pages each developer managed the coding of client side logic for respective page. Getting data from the web services, formatting it and then displaying. Creating the client side objects and then storing them. I also carried out the exploration work of the IceFaces. IceFaces is JSF based rich UI components library. We wanted to integrate the components of IceFaces into our existing UI. The task included learning about IceFaces, how it works and then trying to find out ways how we can integrate it with Struts. After 3 weeks of exploration I concluded that the whole UI needs to be re-written to carry out this integration which could take lot of time and resources. We did not continue with this idea as we were short of resources and wanted some simple choices. Though we did not continue I learned how to approach any research or exploration work. I also received an award for this work.




Our team practiced Agile methodology. We had just started to convert the old working model to the Agile. So everybody was learning along with me :). We had daily scrum meeting for 15 minutes where the developer, the tester, the document writer, the UI designer and the scrum master used to gather. Everybody gave updates of his/her work and then the plans for the rest of the day. This was a good place to convey/suggest any changes, additions, to others in the team. I personally found the Scrum meetings very useful. We also had meetings to decide Stories for the month. Here we estimated time for each stories. Everybody volunteered for the stories and estimated the time they will require to finish that story.




Testing Experience:



As a developer I used to write Unit tests for the code written by m

e. We used JUnit testing framework to write the unit tests. The test cases for each web page and feature were written before handling the feature to the test team. Sometime the developer carried out functional testing using QTP automation framework. We also had a dedicated test team which carried out functional, integrated, stress, performance, security and various other testing.


Tools and Technologies: Java, JSP, Struts 1.x, JavaScript, CVS, Spring-MVC, Ajax, Flash, Flex, CSS, Eclipse 3.3


Screen Shots:  Here are some screenshots of how the GUI of VCSOne.







Software Engineering Intern, Persistent Systems, India                                                                                                                                         2006-2007





Generic AST classes Framework


I worked on this during my internship with 3 other fellow interns.


Project Idea:


The idea was to develop a generic AST class library, which can represent an operational semantics of any program written in any imperative statically, typed programming language. The goal  was to replace the traditional way of language translation by object oriented approach. Objects of class that are formed to represent the basic programming constructs in the language replace the symbol and literal tables. The objects will act as the intermediate representation. The main generic framework module forms the Abstract Syntax Tree. The generic framework will make use of the class library to generate the AST form the parse tree. Separate parsers will be written for the various input languages. The tree walker will visit the AST and generate the code in the target language. Thus many languages can be given as an input to the translator and the output can be generated in the specified language. In this way a multi-lingual translator can be implemented.


Tools and Technologies: Eclipse 3.2, Java 5.0, Antlr 3.1









Project Presentation


Project Report



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Hello world!

Here you can find the details of my work experience and the projects. Please browse the pages from the tabs in the left side of the page.

Email Id –

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